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DOSING & PUMPS in collaboration with MIMICTEC, an Australian company, has developed technologies that reproduce the dynamic aspects of a hen's behavior.


DOSING & PUMPS is the official authorized distributor of MIMICTEC. This technology induces the chick to drink at first, as soon as it is placed in the battery, and at a later time guides it to eat, in an imprinting dynamic that lasts 7 to 10 days that is more efficient, more controlled and represents better care for the chick.


The system uses electric motors to move flags that indicate where the feeders are and that are connected to steel cables that mimic the typical behavior of the hen's head in the chick's early days.


This product has been successfully tested and installed on several farms from the country where the equipment was developed.

LED lights and loudspeakers emitting a sound similar to that of the hen have also been placed on the feed and drink lines to complete the cycle of inducing the chick to eat and drink in a natural sequence.

The alternating cycles of drinking and nutrition differentiated between day and night include periods of pause.

The breeder can independently manage and set the cycles of alternating drinking and feeding and also the period of the night break.

“ Ethics and welfare in animal breeding are our mission, we are happy to contribute to this with our technology “

Dr. Elham

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