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LDS 4.0

Our Industry 4.0 systems are now in their second generation. The small size, the simplicity of installation and commissioning, bring these tools within the reach of all production realities, small or large. With the new LDS4.0A we bring a real analysis laboratory for emulsions and water, directly into the companies of our customers.

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The LDS4.0A is capable of performing emulsion analysis in real time, thus preventing problems, reducing management and maintenance time, significantly reducing emulsifier consumption and increasing the life of the emulsion in the tank. This analysis system is able to detect and report data on the eight main parameters of an emulsion:

  • Concentration %

  • pH value

  • temperature

  • Emulsion level in tank

  • Concentrate level in drum or tank

  • Bacterial loadings

  • Conductivity

  • Water hardness °f

Together with the analysis system we have created an electronic mixing system, which goes beyond and solves all the problems of any volumetric, venturi metering pump and electric. This mixing system, called LDS4.0M, is able to restore the values, detected by the LDS4.0A, in every single tank, with a level of accuracy (+/-0,1%) far better than any dosing pump currently used in this field. The LDS4.0M can be equipped with external mixing units, motorized or not, able to keep the emulsion absolutely stable even on long distances. A single integrated LDS4.0A and LDS4.0M system can handle from 1 up to 100 machine tools.

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